Capistrano Fish Passage Restoration Project Description and Design

In fall 2005, the City of Pacifica restored approximately 1,300 linear feet of San Pedro Creek downstream of the Capistrano Bridge. The primary objective of project was to eliminate a major barrier to fish passage and improve habitat conditions for migrating steelhead. Severe downcutting of the creek and a dysfunctional fish ladder, in combination, acted as a migration barrier to spawning steelhead.

Before After

The City of Pacifica removed the failing fish ladder from beneath the bridge and brought in 12,000 cubic yards of fill to raise the streambed.  A series of rock/log weirs were placed creating a riffle/pool and step-pool complex that gradually rises in elevation from the downstream gradient to the Capistrano Bridge. Non-native escaped ornamentals were removed and creek banks were re-graded and covered with erosion control materials. The banks were replanted with native plant species.

The restoration of this stretch of creek will allow juvenile fish to move up the channel in a variety of stream flow conditions and will minimize the height of the jumps that juveniles will have to negotiate in order to facilitate upstream passage.  In addition to enhanced fish passage, newly re-graded slopes, exotics removal and replanting with native species found throughout the watershed, will reduce sediment from bank erosion, increase canopy cover, and maintain or lower water temperatures.  The bank layback will also help to create a stable bank and increase the hydraulic section reducing stream velocities.

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