Through community involvement and agency participation, establish and preserve a healthy ecosystem for a robust and sustainable run of Northern California Coastal Steelhead in our Watershed.

SPCWC has identified the following goals for best stewardship processes:

  • Promote community involvement and awareness of critical watershed issues in the watershed through outreach programs with the general public, other NGOs working in Pacifica, local schools, colleges, and universities, and with local, state and federal agencies.

  • Restore ecosystem functions and improve existing habitat to impacted areas of the watershed.

  • Restoring the geomorphic function, native flora and fauna, and water quality to the maximum extent possible.

  • Improve water quality throughout the creek, to benefit sensitive aquatic wildlife and humans (e.g., surfers, and beachgoers).

  • Promote flood protection measures to minimize stream bank erosion, protect streamside property, and allow for fish passage.

  • Monitor state of crucial stream components, such as water quality and the steelhead population, in order to assess the effects of environmental changes, human perturbations, and restoration measures.


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