San Pedro Creek is perennial stream with a watershed area of 8.2 square miles that drains the western Santa Cruz Mountains. Although sections of San Pedro Creek are relatively undisturbed, including the Middle Folk and South Fork, much of the Creek is either confined to a narrow riparian corridor through residential development or to culverts.

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The watershed is estimated to get approximately 30 inches of rainfall annually over its 8.2 square mile area. This is 4.3 Billion Gallons of water that should find their way to the Pacific Ocean each year through the Creek.

Mount Montara

With a peak at 1,898ft, Mount Montara and other peaks of the Santa Cruz Mountains rise and surround the watershed. Their enormous mass and ability to harvest moisture from the summer fog creates that helps the creek flow uninterrupted all year.



% is covered in impermeable


Much of the watershed has been covered, prevented from infiltration. Changes it from a percolating shed to high flows.